Friday, January 30, 2009

Guild Groupie

Ever since that Obsidian Sanctum run I've been keeping in touch with my Heroic friend. I don't have a ton of non-guild time to do heroics, etc, but I managed to do half a Culling of Strat run with his guildies when they dropped their terrible PuG. Once again he sent me a tell that said his guildies were happy to "have a good healer pug for a change". I get down on my healing a lot because I run with a lot of challenging groups, so it's nice to get an ego boost once in a while.

I had looked up the guild and if they're saying nice things about me I'm really flattered. Our server isn't exactly a top WoW server, and we have very few notable players that are active in raiding and on the message boards. I've always been a trade chat/message board lurker, so if I recognize names it means they're about as close to "server superstars" as you can get in my world. When I looked up the guild on the armory I saw at least 4 or 5 names I recognized, including my priest hero Tony from way back in the late vanilla/early BC days. I know he has fallen from his pedestal a bit, but he's still fantastic and knows what he's doing.

Does this make me some sort of weird guild groupie? I keep wondering how I managed to impress this random heroic friend so much they've been persistently asking me to run with them. What if they invite me to this guild? That would be a really difficult decision to make.

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