Friday, March 18, 2011

An Open Letter to my WoW Buddies and Other Interested Parties

I think it’s time for me to admit that I’m not interested in playing WoW anymore.  Things were a blast when I had time to raid and got to spend time with my guildies, but I just can’t do that anymore.  I haven’t raided (or even been on Vent) in months now.  I’ve enjoyed the questing in Cataclysm, Blizzard did a really great job being more immersive with their storytelling, but in a way the x-pack ruined the game for me.  There was something nice about being able to do 1-25 over a weekend just to blow off some stress.  I didn’t need a catastrophe in my fantasy world, there’s enough of that out there in RL.  It’s just not the same now.  Also, with not raiding, I see no point in grinding the dungeons to do heroics to do what?  Sit in Orgrimmar and listen to Alaw’s horrible rapping in trade chat?  No thanks.

And honestly, I really just want to play games by myself right now, or face to face with my IRL buddies.  And go outside and ride my bike.  And work on things in my community groups.  WoW served a specific purpose for me for a long time, and I just don’t need it anymore.  I might as well not pay Blizzard money I could use for something else I’d rather do.

It’s been a great five years.  I’m not deleting all my characters or anything drastic like that.  I probably won’t even uninstall it.  Heck, I'm leaving my Horde flag on my car window.  I am going to let my account expire, so don’t expect to see me around.  I want to play some Civ V, pick up Dragon Age 2, and work on that 45 mile bike ride.  Good luck in your defense against Deathwing everyone.  With guys like you out there he doesn’t stand a chance.

My account expires tomorrow.  So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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