Thursday, October 30, 2008

Server Maintenance

That's three times this week I've been unable to go about my auction house business because of either zombies or a server maintenance period. I hope this is preventative maintenance before the xpac comes out. I am searching for a place that is open at midnight to purchase said xpac. I am so far unsuccessful. If all else fails I guess I'll go to teh Walmart at 8am, that's the earliest open I could find. I don't really want to wait until 10 when Best Buy opens.

I guess I'll update my add-ons again, something's been kicking back an error at me. I think it might be (gasp!) Outfitter.

I did a little digging to see which GameStop locations have done midnight openings for other games, and the one 5 minutes from my house is having one. Woot! That's WAY better than driving to a Best Buy 20 minutes away! Northrend's gonna be my beeotch at 12:05am.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombies made me late for work this morning

There I was minding my lvl 20 bank business, selling the massive spam in the gbank, when I was attacked by zombies. This was rather inconvenient. However, I personally don't mind the zombie invasion. It's cool to have a world event shake things up once in a while. I actually think I'm gonna go do that quest to get the argent tabard, put it on, and cleanse lowbie areas for fun. It fits in with Zully's character rather nicely.

In other news, the headless horseman is useless, IMO. Why doesn't he drop better stuff. Those rings are crap for any decently geared 70. This holiday is vastly inferior to the brewfest. I fished up over 100 fish in the search for Mr. Pinchy. No luck yet. And when am I going to get my stupid fishing hat already? Sigh.

I got to poke my nose into Mag's lair yesterday thanks to Val. OMG massive AOE damage. I did OK considering, but the raid leader was clueless so we had no chance at the boss. Zon brought his warrior along too, that helped me out tons, I'm used to healing him. He's definately my favorite tank, and good at what he does. I'll admit, I was nervous about going in there, especially with a PUG. Having someone who knew what was going on to explain it to me and tell me I'd do just fine was exactly what I needed. I know you won't read this, but thanks zon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After looking over the talent tree, it looks like a holy damage spec is doable. It came out kind of like my old "Don't Crit Me!" spec, except this one has WAY less bonus to healing.


I logged on after being out for a 5 day weekend and the crew seemed happy to see me. I was utterly exhausted after traveling all day though, so I wasn't feeling very chatty. Did the Horseman quest with a few folks and wandered around getting candy from various inns and doing zone discoveries as I went along. Overall, pretty boring. I was also feeling a bit lost knowing that Mal wasn't going to log in. Danny was online but wasn't feeling real chatty either. Gar said they cleared Kara while I was away. I'm only partially surprised, I've been reading that some guilds are doing 45 minute Kara runs with one or no healers, so I'm sure they were able to pull off a run without me. I wanted to get more details, specifically who they roped into being solo healer, but my brain had shut down and I couldn't put a coherent sentence together, so I gave up and called it a night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

No one touches my dreads!

I've decided one of zully's unofficial achievements is going to be her lack of an appearence change. I've always liked her tusks and hair. I do have a few other changes planned though. I am looking for a high damage disc holy spec for leveling. Like a lolsmite type build. We'll see. I realized it's silly to get bent out of shape over pain suppression since I won't be focusing on pvp right now anyway.

I think I'm going to rename morning. I've been tossing the idea around for a while, but my trip home this weekend has inspired me to find a good Iroquois name. I will start looking for a suitable small NY village name and go from there.

I also think I'm gonna start a troll resto shammy. I like my draenai shammy but with Mal gone I don't think I'll level her anymore. I like healing so I think it would be fun to try a different healing class.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Echoes of Doom

The Big Patch hit yesterday

The Good
Achievements. This is a huge thing for me personally. This one is definitely going to vary depending on each person's game goals. Those people whose only goal is to kill every Allie they see (you know who you are) are not going to care about achievements, not even the PvP based ones because it doesn't need to be tracked. Same thing with hardcore arena enthusiasts. They already have a tracking system.

I, being the compulsive gamer I am, will probably spend months doing stupid crap like going back to Mulgore to become exalted with Thunder Bluff, and going back and doing all the Hellfire Peninsula quests (gag) just to get achievements. I'm also, sadly, excited about the 'low level quest' tracker. And I felt like a loser for liking fishing.

The Bad
My new talent tree. I hate it. I'll be honest, I've been using cookie cutter specs since I started having to split between Disc/Holy and Pure Holy depending on my role. I'm mostly mad that the Disc/Holy hybrid is almost impossible now because you have to put SO MANY points into Disc to get to Pain Suppression. There's pretty much no point in doing a hybrid without Pain Suppression. Once I get more points to put into it when the xpac comes out maybe I'll like it better, but I don't know what I'm going to do now.

The Ugly
The server is packed right now. Shat is packed, Org is packed, there's Alliance rogues outside of every city waiting for unsuspecting lowbies to ride out. And much like the real world, the economy is a mess. I deleted my auctioneer database, it's useless right now.

Most of my addons have updates, but I think I'm gonna try switching to Healbot since grid/clique quit being developed a few months ago, but addon problems happen every patch so I won't bitch about that too much.

Overall, I think the patch is good. I hope the pre-expansion event is good, and I hope it happens after I come back from vacation :-P

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knowing is half the battle

I was pretty upset when I wrote my last post, so I overreacted a little. I was able to catch Mal online yesterday and ended up talking to both him and Danny. I wasn't planning on asking him why he was leaving, I figured it was private and if he wanted to tell me he would, but we were already talking about some other stuff so I asked.

He has a really good reason for leaving, and it has nothing to do with WoW. So I'm hoping that after he gets things straightened out he'll be back again. I also added his g-mail talk and e-mail address to my buddy list so hopefully we'll still talk. It almost feels like summer camp though, everyone cries and confesses and promises to write but it never really happens. Only time will tell.

I thought that was important to talk about that, since my last post was all boo hoo I'm gonna quit now.

We had our first guild Zul'Aman run on Saturday. Overall I think people were positive about it, despite all the wipes. It really give a feel for what a real raid is like. Kara's a real raid too I guess, at least the bosses are, but it doesn't have the timed urgency like ZA does. Attumen is a cakewalk compared to the timed ZA events.

Unfortunately, my other half got some really bad news just as we were about to hit the first boss, so I wasn't about to be like "oh that's nice honey" and turn around and keep raiding. And, as I've mentioned before, we're low on healers (meaning we were running ZA with 2 priests) so when I had to go that was it, bye bye. Fortunately, no one seemed upset about it. I was scheduled to leave in about 20 minutes anyway and they knew that, so maybe that helped, I dunno.

No more Arenas! w00t! If I never do another arena again I won't be sad. The next time I hit end game I'm gonna do raids. No more of this pvp ladder BS.

Monday, October 13, 2008

There's a tear in my beer

So I lost my 2s partner today. Mal's gonna stop playing, maybe for a while, maybe forever I don't know. I'm really sad, we've been playing together on and off for a long time. Yeah, I'm crying about it. I'd say I'm getting upset over a game but it's not the game. I hate losing friends, and I feel like I've lost two of my three good WoW friends recently. It makes me want to quit too.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm bored out of my skull waiting for this new patch to come out. There's absolutely NOTHING going on. I hope someone tries to pull off a raid this weekend. I know, the whole "if you don't want to be bored plan something" routine. I can barely get a heroic together, let alone a raid. Everyone I know is hardcore grinding a lowbie trying to get to 70 before the expac. I pretty much haven't logged in to Zully or Morning except to do the Island. This little shammy I rolled is a ton of fun, but I suspect the carebear server will get old real fast. I could never have a normal server as my main server, but it's nice to have somewhere to relax when you're tired of getting your face melted, chopped, or blasted off by someone bigger than you. Which is going to be happening a LOT MORE once the 70-80 grind begins.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Patch Day!

My day off fell on patch day this week. Whoopee. I can't believe I'm staring at the clock waiting for the realms to come up. I played Guitar Hero and watched yesterday's Chuck, but now here I am looking for something to do. I guess I could clean or something.

Anyway, I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed I was outside of shat farming spiders or something and MostHated came out of nowhere and... helped me. Admittedly, I sometimes have trouble remembering what I dreamed and what I did when it comes to WoW, but that was DEFINATELY a dream because there's no way that assclown would EVER help someone. Even in the dream I got a measure of glee when Zon stabstabstabbed him into oblivion.

I then proceeded to dream about going with my boss on a trip to LA in a private jet. Whatever.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Talents and New Toons

I think I've decided on my pre-patch build. This is a very heavy discipline build, as I don't think we'll be raiding for a little while. I probably ought to come up with a heavy healing build as well just in case, but this will be my primary spec until WotLK. It's set up for world pvp and bgs, not arenas. I also don't think we'll be doing many more arenas this season. It seems pointless this week at least since the season's gonna end next Tuesday. I kinda wish I had bought my Brutal pants though. Maybe I can get Mal to try with me one more time.

Mal and Danny convinced me to roll a new toon on the server that Mal's section of EnM defected to back in the day when they fell apart. (I had no idea or I may have done the same). The only problem is it's an alliance side carebear server. Blech. But, it's worth it to get some time with them and not being distracted by my lvl 70 guild duties. Laa is my third ally Draenai shammy. Maybe she will go somewhere.

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