Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After looking over the talent tree, it looks like a holy damage spec is doable. It came out kind of like my old "Don't Crit Me!" spec, except this one has WAY less bonus to healing.


I logged on after being out for a 5 day weekend and the crew seemed happy to see me. I was utterly exhausted after traveling all day though, so I wasn't feeling very chatty. Did the Horseman quest with a few folks and wandered around getting candy from various inns and doing zone discoveries as I went along. Overall, pretty boring. I was also feeling a bit lost knowing that Mal wasn't going to log in. Danny was online but wasn't feeling real chatty either. Gar said they cleared Kara while I was away. I'm only partially surprised, I've been reading that some guilds are doing 45 minute Kara runs with one or no healers, so I'm sure they were able to pull off a run without me. I wanted to get more details, specifically who they roped into being solo healer, but my brain had shut down and I couldn't put a coherent sentence together, so I gave up and called it a night.

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