Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm bored out of my skull waiting for this new patch to come out. There's absolutely NOTHING going on. I hope someone tries to pull off a raid this weekend. I know, the whole "if you don't want to be bored plan something" routine. I can barely get a heroic together, let alone a raid. Everyone I know is hardcore grinding a lowbie trying to get to 70 before the expac. I pretty much haven't logged in to Zully or Morning except to do the Island. This little shammy I rolled is a ton of fun, but I suspect the carebear server will get old real fast. I could never have a normal server as my main server, but it's nice to have somewhere to relax when you're tired of getting your face melted, chopped, or blasted off by someone bigger than you. Which is going to be happening a LOT MORE once the 70-80 grind begins.

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