Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombies made me late for work this morning

There I was minding my lvl 20 bank business, selling the massive spam in the gbank, when I was attacked by zombies. This was rather inconvenient. However, I personally don't mind the zombie invasion. It's cool to have a world event shake things up once in a while. I actually think I'm gonna go do that quest to get the argent tabard, put it on, and cleanse lowbie areas for fun. It fits in with Zully's character rather nicely.

In other news, the headless horseman is useless, IMO. Why doesn't he drop better stuff. Those rings are crap for any decently geared 70. This holiday is vastly inferior to the brewfest. I fished up over 100 fish in the search for Mr. Pinchy. No luck yet. And when am I going to get my stupid fishing hat already? Sigh.

I got to poke my nose into Mag's lair yesterday thanks to Val. OMG massive AOE damage. I did OK considering, but the raid leader was clueless so we had no chance at the boss. Zon brought his warrior along too, that helped me out tons, I'm used to healing him. He's definately my favorite tank, and good at what he does. I'll admit, I was nervous about going in there, especially with a PUG. Having someone who knew what was going on to explain it to me and tell me I'd do just fine was exactly what I needed. I know you won't read this, but thanks zon.

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