Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WoW Real Money Transfers Part One: Badges and Tokens and Trophys, Oh My!

"Welcome to SusanExpress.com we have the greatest deals $15 for 5k gold..."  "Level 1-70 in seven days!  Safe, Discreet, and Fast"

How many of these have you ignored or reported in the last month?  One? Five? Twenty?  Have you seen that pile of 200 Level 1 Tauren on the ground outside the Auction House?  It's annoying and common, but Blizzard has put up a good fight against black market trade in gold, items, and maximum level characters.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Superpowers for Good (and not for awesome)

WoW.com Breakfast Topic What intangible qualities do you bring to a raid?

My raid superpower is multitasking.  One of the things I've always been able to do, in gaming and in life, is step back and look at the overall picture, then focus down on what I need to do to meet that larger goal.  This usually requires me to queue three spells up in my head while I strafe left out of the fire and yell at the huntard for standing in said fire.  Here's how I got to the point where I can use my superpowers for good (and not for awesome).

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Only Thing Constant is Change

So I went and got myself promoted to officer.  It's been 6 months plus since I was an active officer.  Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the first time.

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