Friday, June 20, 2008

Most Memorable PVP moment

I was reading up on my WoW Insider and their breakfast topic was "What is your most memorable PvP moment?". It made me think a little bit. What would that be? I feel like there were some pretty memorable battlegrounds back in the day when I was playing with Body Count and we were 5 capping AB almost every match, but that seems so long ago I've probably forgotten more than I remember. It's mostly just a mishmash of whirlwind and mortal strike.

There was this one time with Defective by Design when Me, Gantris, Tar, Utopia, and... was Olga there? I don't think she was. Anyway, we all decided to go over to Theramore and make trouble. Gantris had a brilliant plan: he'd cast water walking on us and we'd walk around the tip of... well I don't have the map handy, but the nearby zone, and we'd come in the back at the harbor. We weren't really high enough level to storm in the front, we were probably only high forties to low fifties at the time. We managed to avoid the civilians (DKs were still around those days) and sit just close enough to the flight point that the n00bs flying in would see us and charge right over to try and engage, and we'd kick their butts. It wasn't terribly epic, because it was Theramore and late at night, but it was still a ton of fun.

Probably my most epic PvP battle was just recently. I was questing my 64ish Warrior Morning in Zangarmarsh with Raj and this mage and... was it a druid? pally? I don't remember the other one. Anyway, they were both from Fallout. They came over and ganked me while I was attacking an ogre. So Raj being the uber warlock he is went over and killed them. So I pop back up and give the ogres another try and they come over and jump us again. This goes back and forth a time or two, and then they decide to bring a friend. So I grab Zully, my 70 priest, and we pretty much destroy them, cuz Zully has uber heals (just no armor). So they call another friend. So we called a friend. So they called 2 more. Pretty soon we've got 5-7 of our guildies against 7 or so Fallout players and our... favorite enemy MostHated (who apparently got the ban hammer, because he's nowhere to be found in the armory). We fought them back to Zabra'jin, the troll city and used the guards to help us out since we were outnumbered. There were people flying in the air, bolts shooting up to knock people off, they'd run in a wave and die, then we'd run out to meet them, and so on. It went on for like 2 hours. I'd like to say we won, but it was kind of a stalemate (if not a minor loss). It was getting really late and MostHated was picking people off in town while they were buffing up/healing, so most of us logged.

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