Monday, November 29, 2010

Racial Diversity FTW

Why yes, I did roll an alt when the Cataclysm hit.  It wasn't one of the  new combos though.  I decided to re-roll my lvl 28 Orc hunter, and I'm actually really glad I did.  It all started in the Valley of Trials.

Friday, November 5, 2010

31 Days till Cataclysm

I've been pretty successful over the last few weeks in getting myself set to go for Cataclysm.  Yamira is 80 and about 3/4 geared.  That was made possible by the roaring success of my glyph business after 4.0.1 hit.  I must have been making about 5k a day once I got my addons straightened out.  It has dialed back to about 5k per week, even with that bastard Woodwitch camping the AH all day long.  Now that I'm pushing 50k it just doesn't seem to matter anymore, and I've managed to find a sweet spot for the high end glyphs where they always sell at about 300% profit, though it's probably to glyph resellers.  I'm fine with that.

I actually ended up gearing Yamira for Feral.  Yes, I'm tanking now.  The main thing that made me feel OK about gearing for it was that, apparently, bear and cat gearing is the same, it's all in the gems and talents.  I've been enjoying cat form too, so if I ever decide tanking isn't for me it wasn't a complete waste.  Not that the gear will stick around very long after the cataclysm.  I've got the basic tanking down, it's not too hard as a bear, but I really need to get some keybindings done and my cooldown tracker set up again.  I'm considering trying PowerAuras for cooldowns, but I think I like TellMeWhen's persistence in the interface.

I wiped out all my addon settings when 4.0.1 went live.  I haven't reloaded anything that changes the look and feel of the interface, except Vuhdo.  I think I can permanently ditch a few of the really heavy duty add-ons like MSBT, and I'm not going to re-install Omen, Recount, or (gasp) Deadly Boss Mods unless I feel I really need to.  The boss cues blizzard gives us are so blatantly obvious now DBM seems redundant.  Then again, maybe I just know the boss fights so well at this point they don't matter.  I won't be raiding for a while, so it won't be as critical.

I'm finally getting excited about the new expansion.  I'm tired of Wrath.  I barely leave Dalaran anymore, except to do the event quests.  I'm very disappointed that I missed the Echo Isles chain with Zully.  I got about halfway through it and called away to do something, and it was removed before the expansion hit, before I realized it was going away so fast.  Well, whatcha gonna do.

Finally got my Classic Raider achievement, and did Zul'Aman.  I'm hoping for a Black Temple or SSC run sometime soon.  I'd really like to get my Glory of the Hero done as well, maybe the guildies will help me out with that this weekend.

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