Monday, October 6, 2008

New Talents and New Toons

I think I've decided on my pre-patch build. This is a very heavy discipline build, as I don't think we'll be raiding for a little while. I probably ought to come up with a heavy healing build as well just in case, but this will be my primary spec until WotLK. It's set up for world pvp and bgs, not arenas. I also don't think we'll be doing many more arenas this season. It seems pointless this week at least since the season's gonna end next Tuesday. I kinda wish I had bought my Brutal pants though. Maybe I can get Mal to try with me one more time.

Mal and Danny convinced me to roll a new toon on the server that Mal's section of EnM defected to back in the day when they fell apart. (I had no idea or I may have done the same). The only problem is it's an alliance side carebear server. Blech. But, it's worth it to get some time with them and not being distracted by my lvl 70 guild duties. Laa is my third ally Draenai shammy. Maybe she will go somewhere.

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