Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knowing is half the battle

I was pretty upset when I wrote my last post, so I overreacted a little. I was able to catch Mal online yesterday and ended up talking to both him and Danny. I wasn't planning on asking him why he was leaving, I figured it was private and if he wanted to tell me he would, but we were already talking about some other stuff so I asked.

He has a really good reason for leaving, and it has nothing to do with WoW. So I'm hoping that after he gets things straightened out he'll be back again. I also added his g-mail talk and e-mail address to my buddy list so hopefully we'll still talk. It almost feels like summer camp though, everyone cries and confesses and promises to write but it never really happens. Only time will tell.

I thought that was important to talk about that, since my last post was all boo hoo I'm gonna quit now.

We had our first guild Zul'Aman run on Saturday. Overall I think people were positive about it, despite all the wipes. It really give a feel for what a real raid is like. Kara's a real raid too I guess, at least the bosses are, but it doesn't have the timed urgency like ZA does. Attumen is a cakewalk compared to the timed ZA events.

Unfortunately, my other half got some really bad news just as we were about to hit the first boss, so I wasn't about to be like "oh that's nice honey" and turn around and keep raiding. And, as I've mentioned before, we're low on healers (meaning we were running ZA with 2 priests) so when I had to go that was it, bye bye. Fortunately, no one seemed upset about it. I was scheduled to leave in about 20 minutes anyway and they knew that, so maybe that helped, I dunno.

No more Arenas! w00t! If I never do another arena again I won't be sad. The next time I hit end game I'm gonna do raids. No more of this pvp ladder BS.

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