Thursday, October 30, 2008

Server Maintenance

That's three times this week I've been unable to go about my auction house business because of either zombies or a server maintenance period. I hope this is preventative maintenance before the xpac comes out. I am searching for a place that is open at midnight to purchase said xpac. I am so far unsuccessful. If all else fails I guess I'll go to teh Walmart at 8am, that's the earliest open I could find. I don't really want to wait until 10 when Best Buy opens.

I guess I'll update my add-ons again, something's been kicking back an error at me. I think it might be (gasp!) Outfitter.

I did a little digging to see which GameStop locations have done midnight openings for other games, and the one 5 minutes from my house is having one. Woot! That's WAY better than driving to a Best Buy 20 minutes away! Northrend's gonna be my beeotch at 12:05am.

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