Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Echoes of Doom

The Big Patch hit yesterday

The Good
Achievements. This is a huge thing for me personally. This one is definitely going to vary depending on each person's game goals. Those people whose only goal is to kill every Allie they see (you know who you are) are not going to care about achievements, not even the PvP based ones because it doesn't need to be tracked. Same thing with hardcore arena enthusiasts. They already have a tracking system.

I, being the compulsive gamer I am, will probably spend months doing stupid crap like going back to Mulgore to become exalted with Thunder Bluff, and going back and doing all the Hellfire Peninsula quests (gag) just to get achievements. I'm also, sadly, excited about the 'low level quest' tracker. And I felt like a loser for liking fishing.

The Bad
My new talent tree. I hate it. I'll be honest, I've been using cookie cutter specs since I started having to split between Disc/Holy and Pure Holy depending on my role. I'm mostly mad that the Disc/Holy hybrid is almost impossible now because you have to put SO MANY points into Disc to get to Pain Suppression. There's pretty much no point in doing a hybrid without Pain Suppression. Once I get more points to put into it when the xpac comes out maybe I'll like it better, but I don't know what I'm going to do now.

The Ugly
The server is packed right now. Shat is packed, Org is packed, there's Alliance rogues outside of every city waiting for unsuspecting lowbies to ride out. And much like the real world, the economy is a mess. I deleted my auctioneer database, it's useless right now.

Most of my addons have updates, but I think I'm gonna try switching to Healbot since grid/clique quit being developed a few months ago, but addon problems happen every patch so I won't bitch about that too much.

Overall, I think the patch is good. I hope the pre-expansion event is good, and I hope it happens after I come back from vacation :-P

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