Friday, January 16, 2009

Work and Play

I never actually got around to what I wanted to talk about yesterday. No sidetracks this time.

Ever since I heard that Blizzard will (eventually) allow dual-speccing, I've been waiting for it. And waiting and waiting and waiting. Some days more patiently than others. I would run a Holy spec for instances and raiding and a Discipline spec for questing and PvP. That's pretty much the way I've been set up since I joined my guild and needed to be able to do both effectively. As far as the actual spec goes, I like both of them just as much for their purpose. However, the way I think about respeccing and the length of time I spend in a spec tells a lot about the way I play WoW.

I think of my Holy spec as a 'work' spec. I'm only in it when I need to be to do the big heals. I really like doing instances and raids, and my real talents shine when I'm doing that kind of healing. But to me it's still a chore to be in Holy spec, and I get out of it whenever I can. I'm in Disc spec right now because I know I won't be raiding for a little while, and if I'm running with Zon it's good enough for heroics.

I have the most fun in my Disc spec. I can get out there and kill mobs non stop if I'm wearing my heal gear (my heal set is good for questing this time around, unlike the old Mooncloth gear) or if I'm in a dailies area and worried about allies, I can pull out my resilience set. The spirit on it is terrible, but that's what Honeymint Tea is for. Out in the world my resilience set is good enough to keep me alive for quite a while, and even beat some classes if I've got full mana. In battlegrounds and arenas, not so much, but as I've said before instanced PvP is really not my thing.

I think a lot of it has to do with being on a PvP server. If I were on a carebear server I wouldn't have to worry about getting jumped, so I could just suck it up and quest in Holy. It's not a bad spec, Disc is just more DPS and "armor".

Maybe this kind of attitude does mean that Blizzard needs to fix healing. I don't mind the way it works now, but when I'm doing heavy duty healing it is a lot of work.

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