Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I thought this weekend was going to be one big fail, but I was wrong.

I got a whisper from one of my random heroic buddies asking if I wanted to do 10 man Obsidian Sanctum. I joined up and there were only 5 people in group, so I asked Tran and Zon if they wanted to come. They agreed, but we were still having trouble getting the rest of the DPS. Eventually, we ended up running it with 8 people

When we got in there, turned out Zon was the only tank and Tran and I were the only heals. We were all in TeamSpeak and thoroughly convinced we were going to fail with 8 people and 1 tank. We were wrong.

We killed all three of the drakes with just a wipe or two, but the last boss was a challenge. I really think we could have done it with 8, but one of the guys was being an ass and really wanted to bring in a friend, so I brought in Tess to help offtank. We wiped a whole bunch, but once we got Sartharion in the right position so we could actually see the flame waves, we got her. Pretty much everyone died except Zon and I think 2 dps. I died right near the end and was spirit healing him like crazy, I had just come out of angel form when the boss went down, then Zon died from a dot just a few seconds later.

I won Tier 7 gloves. It was so fun. I needed a good challenge. And thinking back on it, our guild was the entirety of the tanking and healing. Everyone else was DPS. We can so do this as a guild.

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