Friday, January 2, 2009

The Crunch

I made a "Goals Sheet" for PvE gear today. I feel accomplished and dirty at the same time. My statistics teacher from high school would pass out if he saw me doing this. Between WoW and my job, I use more math than I ever thought I would.

The reason I did all this work to make my own sheet is... because I can. I feel that I've been at this long enough that my own judgment for my healing style is going to be better than a cookie cutter web program or message board telling me what gear to get, what spec to take, and what spell rotation to use. I'm starting with the gear. Once I have that down, I'll work on a custom spec. Then, I'll work on spell rotation.

I'll link results from my spreadsheet, but it's not quite done yet. I have all the formulas set up so I can plug in different pieces of gear and come out with how it actually affects my character's stats. I used WoW Wiki to get the conversion formulas and check them against my listed armory stats.

The part I'm working on is what I want to use for my goal ratings, and figuring out the appropriate formula to show me what the deficit between current gear and goal gear is to help in my gear/chant/gem selection. The one painful thing about 'going custom' is I need to consider gem gear. I've been taking the easy way out and picking higher stat non-gem items. I haven't looked at badge gear either. I figure any badge gear I get is bonus and I'll worry about it when I have enough badges to buy some.

So far this is what I'm thinking for my goals. I'm basing them on Elitist Jerks to start with until I get a handle on the formulas. The hardest part is getting the numbers to scale based on what raid level I'm running at. It would be stupid to set goals based on 25 man raid gear at this point.

Spirit/Intellect - Equal Rating, no more than 25% advantage to Spirit
Haste - 10%
Crit - 15%

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