Friday, January 9, 2009

The Lurker Below

I've been slacking a little on my posts, but I haven't had much time to play, or much time to post. I've actually had (gasp!) work to do while at work. So I've got to keep it short.

I've met a few goals recently. I finally did that last daily to get my epic fishing pole from the walrus men, and just in time. I popped in for 20 minutes last night and there was a group in SSC sneaking over to fish up the lurker for the fishing achievement. Naturally, I popped on my blue overalls and lucky fishing hat and dove right in. I managed to drag Tess along with me too. I've gotta get him set up on TeamSpeak soon so he'll get included in more stuff. Tran said they couldn't get him into Wednesday's VoA because he wasn't set up. This won't do.

We did regular Oculus the other night. It was pretty cool, fortunately you just get kicked out of the instance if you fall off your dragon. It was fun to heal on foot and dps in the air too. I think I got that "time stop" button down. Now I just need to do Utgarde Pinnacle and I'll have my achievement so I can make the Wispcloak. Good thing I saved my clams.

I'm all about the bad puns today.

My shammy Zan is level 27 now, and that's with picking every flower I see and obsessively grinding out the city faction reputation so I can get exalted with all four. The flower picking has also finally led me to an auction money source, since it's practically free to produce those glyphs. I found a few that are running between 18 and 30 gold a piece. Sweet.

The guys have been getting me and Joun mixed up on TS lately. This is amusing and annoying at the same time. Oh well.

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