Monday, January 26, 2009

Reinspired again

So, as these things usually go, after I posted my QQ things got a little better. I decided to stop moping and go do some Sholazar Basin quests with the guys and get a little world PvP in. I think I finally found a place to go take out my frustration on some allies. It's like STV all over again. Must be something about Nessingwary that brings out the worst in people. Then I went to Wintergrasp and we actually managed to defend. I went out and farmed a ton more Water Eternals for my Wispcloak project. I made one for PX, who wants to heal on his shammy, and Tran doesn't need his so I'm going to send that one to Zon's healer. I wasn't going to make one for new drood Dru right away since I don't know if he'll stick around, and also because he's already wearing a purple cape that dropped from Patchwerk. I don't really want to spend a ton of my own money for a marginal upgrade for him. But he was making a huge deal over TS over how great my cloak was and how much he wanted it and how could he get the mats so finally I whispered him and told him to send me whatever mats he had and I'd take care of the rest, since I was giving it to the other healers anyway. I didn't want it to get around that I left him out when he clearly wanted one. It's just money right?

*edit* I had this huge rant in here that, in hindsight, is not very nice or appropriate for what I'm looking to accomplish. I don't really want to get into heavy guild politics, it's just not cool. So I'm sorry if you're looking for something that isn't here anymore

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