Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm having a 'random WoW thoughts' kind of day today while I'm working, listening to WoW podcasts, and reading the WoW Insider/ Matticus posts here and there.

I was playing this cool puzzle game, Aurora Feint, on my iPhone on the train this morning, and the chat that's at the bottom when you are connected to the internet was totally talking about WoW. That was pretty funny.

Something I forgot to mention about that Obsidian Sanctum run I did (which I'm still smiling about BTW) was how proud I was of not having to be told not to "stand in the fire". I was healing Zon outside of the portal and moving out of the little pink circles that kept popping up under my feet. Around the second or third one he says "Oh yeah, don't stand in those". I was already on it. I actually had to remind him to move a few times :-D

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