Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

The re-install seemed to do the trick, and most of my add-on settings carried over just fine. When I popped into TeamSpeak on Tuesday the guys were just moving over to the Meat's vent so I went over there. Turned out they were doing their first night of 25 man Naxx. So I let them know I was patching up and it finished up just in time.

There were 6 healers in the group, and I was healing around the middle of the pack. I was surprised that on the meters Zon was doing more heals than me. Then again, he's actually been a raid healer a lot longer than me, he just spun his tank up first this time. I kind of miss his tank, to be honest. He was really fun to heal.

It was my first time doing a serious run at a 25 man Naxx, and it was a little strange not having as much riding on my heals. I picked up a nice pair of boots, which is good since I have no idea when I'll get another chance to do a 25. Stupid mid-week raiders.

I guess they're going to finish up Thad, Saph, and Kel tonight. I hope Krom's axe drops. Then he'll have to find something else to complain about LOL.

I think there was a WoW April Fool's joke going on yesterday because I was getting some dial-up and Darth Vader noises yesterday. I wonder if the kids these days even know what modem dial-up sounds like. I can still tell the difference between different speeds. In my day...

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