Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Notes

I wanted to flesh this post out. Really badly. But work has been kicking my ass this week, so I'm going to release the shorthand notes as is. If I get inspired I'll come back to it, but most likely something more exciting will happen and I'll forget all about it.

Same thing goes for the April Gear Post. I just haven't had the time to devote to it, as I can't do it on my iPhone properly. I think I'll just wait till May, especially since it looks like I'll be running some Ulduar with Meat.

Went to Ulduar twice, killed Auriaya and got Mantle of the Preserver, also killed Kologarn. Cancelled malygos because not enough mix of people. Tried to do malygos but left to eat sushi. Got exalted with Orgrimmar and most of the way through Tranquillen. Krom got ditched for a raid at exactly the same spot as last time. Ran Goblin from Burning Steppes to Shattrah. Krom and Tran got Twilight Assist (1 drake up). Worked on the pally, ignored the warrior. Krom confirmed I'm a terrible warrior. Handled the fears really well with fear ward and pvp trink, and maybe something else. Shaman totems group wide or raid wide?

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