Monday, April 13, 2009

The Evil is in the Goatee

I had another old world weekend. There wasn't a whole lot going being a holiday weekend. Krom and I ran five BC dungeons over the two days. The only one that gave us some trouble was the mind control boss in Shadow Lab. Essentially, having a green plate wearing ball of fury coming after me does not end well. I also knocked out 50 or so quests in Netherstorm, giving me yet another batch of dungeons to do.

Yesterday, just as we were starting the Botanica I got a tell from the Meat asking if I wanted to heal Malygos. I'm pretty sure Krom only saw a cloud of mana dust as I took off. He's pretty high on my list, but just below new raid content. To be fair he declined coming along. His loss.

We took Maly down in five attempts. I was really proud of myself. I basically went in cold only having watched the Tankspot video. Holy crap the tank takes a lot of damage. I was caught off guard the first time. The next time I was a little slow on the bubble. Well, actially the problem was I was waiting to hear the move command. I gotta be confident of my troll toes, they work real good. I made it through phase 3 twice, one of which was the kill. I'm glad I did Aces High enough to know the buttons. No loot for me, but I don't care.

I'm only short by H Oculus to get the Frozen Wastes title. Unfortunately they're taking the title out in the patch, and I'm not going to be on tonight. I was a little mad about it, but I'll deal. I should have done the Oculus a long time ago. A few months back when I was all QQ about not raiding I never dreamed I would actually finish the 10 man content. As much as I like doing 25s, I'm actually perfectly happy. As long as I get to see it. It's that moment of watching the floor shatter and fall out from under the raid that makes it worth it for me.

Shiny titles are nice though. Sigh.

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