Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think maybe it's time I took a WoW break. A real one, not just a week with my Twitter going off all the time and checking up on WoW Insider twice a day.

I've been thinking about this since we started our raid alliance with the Meat. I think one of the reasons I was playing so much before was simple sense of obligation to my guildies. They're great people, and fun to play the game with, but as I pull back from the game a little I see that I miss my own friends, and my own family. Now that there's more healers and more people to choose from, I feel like I can step away and it won't sabatoge anyone else's fun.

I thought the patch would freshen things up for me, but it turns out there's really not any content that I'm interested in. The Argent Tournament is just annoying. I don't want to have to learn to push five buttons in the right order to get my reward. If I wanted to roll my face on the keyboard, I would have rolled a hunter or a death knight. I don't think we're going to be doing Ulduar any time soon, and I just don't have the schedule to pull off the gear up.

The last time I logged in I just stared at the screen and wondered what I was doing. I logged off Zully and went to my Shammy. I suppose I could take that route too, level up for a while, put my 80s on the shelf. But I don't know if I SHOULD, you know?

I planned a Malygos run for Friday. Four deathknights, three rogues, two paladins, two dps warriors, two hunters, and a warlock signed up. I called for 2-3 ranged and 2-3 melee. This is why I didn't send out the mass invite before. Do I do it on pure gear? Do I go with the people I know? What about the new people, if I don't invite them will they quit? We'll see if it turns into the mess I think it's going to be.

I'm going to level my shammy until my business trip is over, then see if I still want to play. Right now, I really don't know.

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