Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zully's Bi-Weekly Gear Up Raid

After the Malygos incident with the huge lack of variety in classes, I think it's time to try and gear up some of our newer 80s. I was reading a thread about it on PlusHeal and I think the best way to do it is to set up a run specifically to gear new folks, and possibly to help some of our less skilled tanks get some experience. I picked twice a month because I have Monday nights available right now. That's probably going to change in a few weeks when the work schedule switches. I wonder if I could do a mid-day Saturday run? I haven't had much luck with early runs, but some of these guys are in school so they wouldn't really be able to start at 10 server. I could try 2p-6p server, that would give a break before the high end raids start in the evening.

The only difficulty I can see here is how I'm going to tactfully tell multiple 80s man that no, he can't bring his alts unless they're going to help me pull the raid along and let them roll on the lewtz. It's also pretty dependant on whether just me healing will be enough to boost an undergeared group. I'd need a higher end DPS to come with me, and I don't know who would be willing to do it.

I can also see a problem with only doing it one night a week, but maybe someone else in the group would be willing to keep it rolling the other nights of the week. That would give some leadership opportunities as well. Oh how nice it would be if these management things of mine worked.

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