Friday, April 3, 2009


I had a total nerd moment while I was doing a ski lesson in Colorado last week.

The instructor was trying to teach me to keep my arms in front of me while I was turning, and had us doing this exercise where you push your arms out while you make the turn.

He mentioned that it was like martial arts or Tai Chi where you push the energy out. It looked just like "Hadoken". You know, from Street Fighter. I just thought to myself "Hadoken" every time I stretched my arms out, and apparently it was the best I did all day.

Of course I cracked up laughing as he was teaching us this, and I had to explain to two 60 year olds why. ROFL

In other, WoW related news I set up the Blizzard Mobile Authenticator on my iPhone today. That makes 2 personal and 2 work related Rotating Security Keys that I have now. It was a great idea for Bliz to do that, it should really cut back on hack jobs.

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