Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I went on vacation, both from work and from WoW. I needed it, though I can't say I was completely offline. I did log in for about an hour one day and ran a few quests with Yoka (now 73), and another hour or so to craft a frost resist set, make my 4 day cloth, and research some gems. I also had Matticus spamming my Twitter with WoW stuff like crazy, so it never completely slipped my mind. It's a good thing I have unlimited texting or I'd be eating ramen for a month.

The Guild Message indicated they were trying to finish off 25 man Naxx with our meaty brothers. From the looks of it they worked on Kel both Sunday and Monday. Not sure if they actually succeeded or not, I'll know later today. I'm looking forward to talking to the guys later tonight. I miss my guildies when I'm offline!

I merged my WoW account with the Battle.net system this week, and I think it was a mistake. I was having some version authentication issues with Wowhead Looter for a while, but it was no big deal. Well, last night at the ungodly hour I came home I tried to log in and it told me it couldn't verify my version. Didn't have any issue with this on the laptop. Maybe it was just a fluke, but I took this as an indication that it was time for a clean install on the beast. I'm still going to port over my addons and preferences from the old install though. I didn't spend 4+ hours 2 weeks ago configuring my UI for nothing.

I installed the first 8 discs of vanilla and BC last night / this morning and left Wrath installing at around 15% when I left for work. I'll have to patch it up before I'll know if it worked or not. I wonder if I could use one of those "try me" Wrath demo DVDs instead of a billion legacy discs. I'll see what's available when I go get GH:Metallica at Best Buy later.

Gotta have something to do while all those patches download. Like work on busting another controller trying to play Metallica songs.

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