Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ice Blocks are Evil

We've been working up to this for a while and this weekend we finally took out Kel'Thuzad. We still wiped pretty hard on Grob, but Gluth and Thaddeus went pretty well. Saph was an interesting fight with no frost resist gear, but that only took 2 tries. Kel on the other hand wasn't that bad until phase two. Then it was OMG massive heals right NAO! But we got him, finally, after three days of work. Having help from our new guild alliance buddies helped a lot. I got my tier leggings and some hawt crit shoulders, leaving me with only a blue headpiece to replace. I need to find more haste again though. Maybe there's some badge bracers or a ring I could replace my Mage gear with.

Px got the EoE key. Hopefully we won't wait forever to start Malygos runs. It would be nice to have him at least partially learned before Ulduar hits so we can keep getting help from our buddies.

I also scored the Hateful Glad robe which has served my Wintergrasp and Warsong runs well. I actually did go through with re-speccing and re-gearing my warrior this weekend with Krom's leet blacksmithing skills, though I think I actually offended him a little by sending him mats. I guess I just like to pull my own weight. It didn't really occur to me he would have been happy to repay me for all those chants I've been throwing his way. Maybe I'll ask for a supply of potions or something.

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