Monday, March 16, 2009

Raid Dynamics and World PvP

My OS +1 raid didn't go on Saturday afternoon. Not even close. I wasn't really feelin it anyway, so I wasn't entirely sad about that. Actually, I didn't end up running OS at all this weekend. I probably should check the loot tables one more time to make sure I'm not missing anything. I did miss out on the tokens though. I think rather than do the 10 OS +1 maybe I'll start a 25 OS + guild pug on Saturday afternoons. I won't be interfering with Naxx and I'll still get some tokens. Who knows, we might even get some recruits that way.

We made some great progress on Naxx this weekend. As usual Arachnid and Plague Quarters were no problem. We also finished the Military quarter this time around. We spent a good 45 minutes on the Four Horsemen on Saturday, and got them on the first try with no deaths Sunday night. We still haven't quite finished up the Construct quarter. Patchwerk is easy, but we still got hung up on Grobbulus. We're definitely going to get him next time around though, our final attempt we had all the positioning of the clouds down, but we didn't DPS him fast enough and everything stacked up.

I also learned something about our guild raid dynamics this weekend. There were about 15 characters bound to this run. Tran, being awesome, used both his Lock and his Pally as needed, so we could run either 2 or 3 healers depending on the fight. I seem to be the preferred person to do invites and handle the loot, but the tanks have been doing most of the explaining and actual raid leading, which is fine with me. On my OS runs I like to lead, but I'm not too keen on doing it for Naxx too. Overall, we have a tendency to brainstorm on new bosses, and once we figure it out have one person leading it. It was annoying when we first started out, but now that we're not discussing every boss at length it's not so bad.

PX implied they were going to wait for me to be available to do new content. That's pretty cool. I know they could easily handle it with Zon and Tran. In a way I think they depend on me a little too much. It's nice personally, but I think healer dependency is holding us back. We had 4 healers in raid right before we started the horsemen, the offtank was resisting swapping for a warlock because he thought a healer in each corner would work great. Um, no. I've also been fighting him on the min/max negativity with having certain classes for certain fights. Other than having one poison cleanser and one disease cleanser, I believe we can do it with any mix. We have to work with what we have, not give up because "we need 2 hunters for this".

Outside of raiding I was a PvP monster this weekend. I upgraded to the new Medallion of the Horde and racked up almost enough honor to buy another upgrade (haven't decided whether to do the belt or the ring next). I finally have over 600 resilience so I'm able to survive the 'average' ganker long enough to make them think twice about camping me. And also long enough to call in the goon squad. Our guild in general has been seeing more world PvP action recently, so hopefully this means we've made some KoS lists again :-D. The old favorite allies to kill are gone, but a new batch has taken their place. And surprisingly, none of them are DKs. Mostly Dr00ds and Warriors.

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