Friday, March 20, 2009


This post is about my Warrior. Surprise!

Yoka is having an identity crisis. I think her semi-recent name change is a nice metaphor. A while back on advice/pressure from my guildies I moved her over to Prot. I have been having an easier time with not dying that way, but it's still taking forever. And honestly, I already play the OMG I NEED A _______ role with my priest, so I would really like to have a character just to screw around and be completely selfish with. All I really want to do with her is beat in faces with a giant weapon, just like I did back in the Diablo days.

I have not played my warrior regularly in a very long time. I leveled with her when I first hit Outlands, then I slowly dragged her to 70 after Zully was well into her purples, but didn't get very far. I'm still wearing lvl 68 blues and those pre-Wrath event purples. She's ready to level but...

I have completely forgotten how to play a warrior. My technique is somewhere between pre 2.0 PVP Mortal Strike spec and random button mashing. Every time I get on her and try to quest, I start to reminisce about her days with Body Count and all the faces I bashed in Arathi Basin. So the first time I get pwned by a kobold I get grumpy and log someone else. I just want her to be done leveling. I could care less about any other achievements with her.

But where do I begin? Arms or Fury? What kind of weapon do I pick? What stats are good for leveling? What's my weapon rotation? When do I change stances? I don't even know how to set up my button bars. For once, the Interweb doesn't help, because all my usual sources of info are way over my head when it comes to warriors. This could be a whole new game for me...

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