Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Blog Needs More Mal

I had a crazy Six Degrees moment the other day. I was out fishing for my favorite buff food in the Grizzly Hills when I got a random whisper from one of Aeth's guildies. He said "Hey Aeth's friend you need to join our guild". I had a good laugh and we chatted about the good and the bad of being an officer, learning new raids, etc. He was really nice.

I mentioned that we were primarily pvp pre-wrath, and that I used to have a lot of fun running twos with a rogue friend who didn't play anymore. He then asked me "was it Mal?"

Needless to say I was very surprised. I knew the Mal fan club was big, but I'm dying to know if he only figured it out from talking to me, or if he knew who I was too. My server's not high population, so it wouldn't surprise me, but discovering a new branch of the Mal fan club was hilarious.

So there you go Mal, a little troll rogue lovin on the blog again.

1 comment:

  1. This site needs MOAR Mal. Best post yet =P. Thanks for the troll rogue lovin!


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