Monday, March 9, 2009

Quest log updated

I ran 10 man Naxx with one of the alt groups of one of our server's big raiding guilds. Got to see two new bosses, I think I could explain them now, not too hard. One of their guild officers whispered me and asked if I wanted to join. Them being one of the highly progressed guilds on the server I was flattered, but I turned them down.

There's no reason to leave my guildies now after a year and a half. But it is nice to know if something blows up I shouldn't have a problem finding a new home like I did last time.

Our drake run was not successful, but I think we got the positioning down. Basically, we need a tank for the adds, and I need to find a better day to run. We were actually getting in position pretty well, but there was so much chaos people were getting smacked by the flame walls. I think I'll be wacky and try it at 2p server time on Saturday this week. I might be surprised who shows up, or I may have to PUG a few. And I'm ok with that.

I picked up the Staff of Restraint and the Majestic Dragon Figurine from OS this weekend. Zon scolded me for not using a main hand / offhand combo, and hes right, I need to find an upgrade and get the badge offhand for storage. I also need to regem my stuff, my crit is getting out of hand, I need more spirit again. My shammy has completed SM Cathedral and BFD thanks to Aeth. I'm really liking the shaman class. Cast cast shock heal cast... It's awesome. And a much easier transition from the DPS classes. I'm really excited to get onto the 50+ levels to see how things go with more other players in the mix.

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