Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Know You Play Too Much WoW When...

Your personal trainer tells you to stand on the balance ball and think about something else, and the easiest way to stay upright is to pretend you are casting a flash heal.

In the same thought, you think it might be easier if, like a troll, you weren't wearing shoes.

You spend over an hour looking for just the right bumper sticker or license plate for your car to proclaim your WoWness... and reject them all because they're too cliche.

You use all of the goblin merchant sayings regularly. "Glad I could help". "Have a good one". "Catch ya later". I use "yo" "heya" and "what's up" regularly too, but I don't think those are WoW related.

(Side Note: Many apologies for being so emo yesterday. I was having kind of a lousy day and Tar caught me off guard with his email)

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