Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everyone's Greedy...

There's an article on today about sharding etiquette. I was interested mainly because of the pug I did for ToC the other day (my first on Alterac).

I did 2 runs with mostly the same people. The first run it was just everyone greed, and it was hunky-dory. The second run, magically after the first boss when everyone had already rolled, I won the item and, as I usually do to preserve bag space, D/E it right away. The tank then declared that we would roll on shards at the end. I stated that I wanted to keep this one because I won the roll, and we could do that for the rest. He just repeated himself and said "if we're lucky, we'll all get one anyway". Oh, I see, so not only might I NOT get the shard I won, but I had no chance at getting more than one because they were going to use "top rolls". I didn't argue, and I was just going to jet with one regardless, but I won a top roll so it was a moot point.

I'm not sure why this bothered me. I usually don't care. Then again, now that I don't have as many people backing me for runs and throwing me stuff to D/E, I see myself actually *gasp* running out of mats. I want to be able to chant my stuff with whatever I feel like, damn it. I put a lot of time and money and effort into maxing my chanting out. At one shard a run that's going to be really hard. I'd rather gamble that I'll win one or more items with rolls TYVM.

So I'm going to try a new policy. Everyone greeds, and if they want something D/E, they can trade it to me after the run. We can do that now with the 2 hour BoP window. It'll make my life a lot easier in PuGs.

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