Monday, August 24, 2009

The Drama Post

So far, things have been relatively drama free over on the new server. Having said that, I'm going to talk about drama. Heh.

I've had a little bit with Goblin over the 'loot incident'. We were running some low level newbie run and from what I can tell, he accidentally hit 'Need' on a cloth item he couldn't use. Creeps was kind of rude, which isn't surprising because he has a low noob tolerance, and now Goblin is all bent out of shape and refuses to need loot because he 'doesn't want to get shit on if he makes a mistake'.

I'm also anticipating some drama that I'm really not sure how to handle. Tar saw the ads for the shiny new expansion and is making noises about coming back. There are two issues with this:

1. I moved my main
2. I don't know if I can let him into my guild

I won't get into it much because it's a touchy subject, but he had a hand in the fall of the old EnM and I don't expect a warm reception for him on the new server. Honestly, I'm hesitant about bringing him in too. If he stays on Dalv, I can still play with him on my warrior, but I know I can't split time between realms so I don't know if that will be good enough.

I think my dilemma is pretty clear, but here it is anyway. If he comes back and wants to play with me, I may have to tell him I can't let him in the guild. It would be really inconvenient and difficult because it will probably hurt his feelings and I'd rather not have to say no to my guildies because I want to do stuff with him. I'd end up blowing him off in game, which would not do good things for the real life friendship.

I really enjoy playing with Mal and his crew. Not only are they fun to hang with, but they're pro and we can actually get somewhere in the end game. I mean geez, I recreated the guild to bring us all back together. I don't want to rip it apart the same way it died before. Mal has had a huge effect on my gameplay since, well, forever. It goes beyond WoW too, with us being e-mail friends even when he wasn't playing. I just can't choose between him and Tar, and it's going to be really hard to do what I usually do, which is keep friends who aren't compatible apart.

Every time I mix RL/WoW it ends in tears or drama. You'd think I would learn. I was sad when my RL buddies quit playing WoW. I was hurt and lost when the first EnM fell apart. I cried over some of my SDS guildies. I cried when Mal left. I got in a fight with Goblin over looting. Now I'm stressed about Tar coming back.

On top of that, I feel like a loser because WoW seems to stir up intense emotions in me more often than RL. It's just not fair. This is supposed to be a fun game, not a painful QQ fest.

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