Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update

I'll make this part short: Drama did not improve. Whatever, it'll shake out eventually. I just need to start recruiting.

Went and did a bunch of easy achievements with Zully. I finally finished off those three critter quests, Pest Control and the two Squirrel achievements. Went to the Alliance part of Kalimdor and got my Explorer achievement. I also got exalted with the Ebon Blade, finally getting my Northrend Vanguard. I started gathering materials for the Northrend Gourmet title. All this came about because I made a list of the easy achievements I could finish but have been too lazy to do.

I spent some time messing around with Mal's rogue. I was just going to help him out with his JC dailies, but I ended up flying to Argent Tournamenet, so I did those, then I got dropped off the mount into Wintergrasp on my way to Sholazar, so I did that, then I figured while I was there I'd do the Wolvar dailies. It's all good, he was shockingly broke anyway, and I got to play with some of the high end rogue stuff. Killing Spree is pretty awesome.

I jumped on Yoka for a little while and was invited to do Gun'drak with the Trig clan. It was nice to have an at-level vent group for a bit. It went OK, but I felt really bad because I was barely breaking 1k DPS. On a DPS warrior that's just shameful, and does not cut it for PvE. Of course right before I was asked I had dropped my Fury spec for PvP arms. After that dismal performance I sucked it up and bought dual spec. I found myself a cookie cutter PvP and PvE spec and plugged those in, and glyphed up the best I could using what was in gbank. I think I had to make one minor on Zan and bought two from the AH, but I managed to get the other 5 or so from gbank. Bought a new PvP ring from the vendor. The savage stuff is going to have to be good enough for PvP for a while. Next on the PvE list is probably the same thing I did with Zully, go nuts on the Icecrown quests and grind out the Ebon Blade rep. The Argent stuff is pretty sweet too so I should probably work on that along with Hodir. I should get some mats for enchants as well. Probably should have put some on scrolls before I transferred.

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