Friday, August 21, 2009

First Impressions.

I was going to just edit that last post, but what the heck. I haven't had a multi post day in a while.

I've been mulling over the ideas behind the Cataclysm expansion in the back of my mind while I've been crunching my spreadsheets. I'm kind of excited about it, the same whay I get excited about anything new, but at the same time...

I can't help but feel like Blizzard has sold out. I think I'd almost rather see them throw their efforts into a new MMO than mess with the game that's already there. Heroic old instances? Great! New races, well alright, though I think werewolves is a stretch. Blowing up Azeroth? Uh...

I'm sure it will look awesome. I'm sure it will play awesome. I'm sure I will take 2-3 days off work and wait in line in the freezing cold to get it. But a not so little part of me will have a hard time letting go of the old world as it is now. Once it's destroyed, it will never go back. Good thing I took screenshots I guess.

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