Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well let's see:

There haven't been any gear update posts, because I haven't done any raiding
There haven't been any shaman posts, because she's been parked in Silvermoon City since the trade cartel post
There haven't been any warrior posts, because there's nothing really exciting about leveling from 78-80. I did unlock Hodir.

I have a lvl 20 Druid now on my friend's server. It's fun, and the people I've done lowbie pugs with have been really nice.

Mal's been going through some drama getting his account back. Yes, he has it back and he's going to play again once the high speed internet is installed. I'm excited, but I'm containing myself because I've had enough disappointments with WoW friends that I don't believe it's really going to happen. Then again, I didn't think we'd actually keep in touch either. I've encouraged him to come over to the server I'm building my Druid on. I recreated EnM. Not sure if it will be sad or feel like home. We'll see.

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