Friday, June 26, 2009


I popped in on Zully last night just to see what was going on. The second I logged in I got a whisper from Px asking if I wanted to come to H Naxx. They were on Saph, so I figured I would join them. I got beamed in, everyone was ready to go, and off we went. There was just one small problem:

I was still in Disc/Shadow PvP spec when the fight started. Oops.

Fortunately, I was "sixth healer" because they had a spare empty spot, so I wasn't exactly necessary. It was really interesting being on raid heals and not being able to cast circle of healing. Once I realized what had happened I just dug in my little troll toes and started shielding like crazy. I really wish I had a wws of that fight, heh. I'm sure I was doin it rong, but we only had one casualty so it was all good. I was shocked at how few mana issues I had.

I got myself into the correct spec for Kel and was put on 6'oclock raid heals. Everything was sailing along just peachy until after the adds had been out for a while. I'm not super familiar with the fight, and I wasn't even entirely clear on who was doing what since I had just joined the raid 10 minutes prior, so I can't tell you what happened, but a few of our dps died. Then another one. Then a DK and two warriors went critical. Next thing I know it's chaos. People are dying, adds are running everywhere, I'm an angel, and Kel is evilly chasing down our ranged dps. Everyone's yelling because Kel has 35k health and dropping. He finishes off all but one Shaman. He's at 10k and dropping fast. For two eternal seconds it's just him and the Shaman. The Shaman wins.


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