Monday, June 1, 2009


Arenas were a bust, because apparently I put the wrong time on the calendar and everyone showed up at 8 server not 11 server like I thought the calendar invite said. Stupid time zones, Blizz needs to be more clear on their calendar.

However, Crav the PvP monster lock was still on so we decided to do 10 games as 2s, just to get some points. Some is better than none right?

We went 10-9. Over 50% on our first run, and the first 3 matches were terrible simply because we were both rusty. We did much better after a Wintergrasp break, so we definitely need to do some BGs as a warm up before arenas. Yeah, after that run I think we're going to try out a few weeks. We didn't just luck out either, we decisively won at least 3 of those games, to the point where I had time to stop, regen our mana with my prayer, and keep attacking.

Also, Disc/Shadow is awesome. I was doing 34k damage in the better matches. One of our opposing warriors was only 3k higher than me.

I decided to calm down after arenas by doing some fishing in the Dalaran fountain and... I fished up the last gold coin I needed! I am now officially Salty Zully! I'm so happy. If I never fish there again I won't cry any tears.

Not bad for a Monday night.

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