Monday, June 1, 2009

Crafting Cartel

I didn't have a whole lot of playtime this weekend for one reason or another, so I didn't accomplish much in-game. However, last night while I was hanging out in front of the TV I grabbed the laptop and started thinking about ways I could optimize the trade skills of the characters (now maxed out) on my main server. I decided to back this up by buying a two tab guild bank for my 7 minor alts to share mats and low level gear easily. Here's the plan:

Tailoring - Zully
Enchanting - Zully
Alchemy - Yoka (the Warrior)
Jewelcrafting - Zan (the Shammy)
Inscription - Zan (the Shammy)
Blacksmithing - Zinz (the DK)
Leatherworking - Tul (the Rogue)
Engineering - Mar, Sri (the Hunters)

Primary Gathering
Herbalism - Yoka
Mining - Zinz
Skinning - Tul

Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Skinning, and Engineering are basically just there to be there, or as a convenience for my low level characters. I doubt I will make much effort to level them since my 3 mains have pretty much no use for what they produce.

Mining and low level Herbing could be a problem. I'm going to need a fair amount of materials to level Jewelcrafting/Inscription on Zan, so I'll have to either buy or farm. Mining in particular will probably hit a cap where I'll have to buy everything because I don't plan on leveling my DK. It's much more convenient to gather and craft at the same level.

My hunter twink is going to be skin(already done)/engineer. My fun hunter is going to be engineer/mining so I guess when I'm playing around with her I can do some gathering that way. I don't see myself playing my warlock, so I offloaded her JC mats to Zan, and my bank toons are just that, so whatever they have is going to stay that way.

It would look a little weird to have a lumberjack out picking flowers anyway.

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