Thursday, June 18, 2009

3.2 Patch WTF?

Well, they're trying to make PvP better. Some of the changes confuse and frighten me, but at least they're trying.

Let's see now...

Experience in BGs? Well, I guess that was coming what with Warhammer and some of the other RPGs having ways to level purely through PvP. I think it's only a small subset of people that will do this, and they made it possible for twinks to turn it off, which is good. It essentially makes a "twink bracket" since people with xp turned off will only be matched together. These changes are great for alts that want to mess around in BGs while leveling, but I bet the wait times for the 19,29,39 brackets is going to go way up for those not in the twink crowd. It also lets you start building up your point bank early by doing the BG daily while leveling.

They're trying to get people to defend the flags. It sucks that they have to bribe people not to play like idiots, and I think it's going to backfire. Get ready for the longest turtle games you've ever played. It's a good thing the BGs this applies to have point timers. I can't imagine how long old AV would have taken with this in place...

They added a timer to WSG. Thank god. No more honor farming.

They're taking away current season gear for 2s teams. That makes me sad inside. That basically kills the entire 2v2 bracket. I think I died a little on the inside.

They took away the special alchemist "trinket" that allows insta healing in arenas. No more free cookies.

Sliding scale for riding, giving everyone riding at lvl 20. They're trying to push people through the old content faster, which I generally agree with, so I think this is cool. Ghost Wolf and Cheetah Form are still useful in that you don't have to slow down to do your farming or run away from an enemy, and in BGs you can carry the flag in form.

All Northrend badges dropped will be conquest badges. Yay, now I can FINALLY get some valorous badge gear running raids that I can fit into my schedule, and maybe even get a little Ulduar badge gear, and high level raiders with nothing to use the conquest badges for can trade them down for artifact gear. This will be patched in with the new raid which will use different badges, so I think this is fair. People doing OS10 pugs still won't be able to have the most current cool gear.

More mana regen adjustments. They've been trying to make Mana part of strategy again, and it didn't work last round, my mana pool is still basically unlimited in raid gear, so I'm not surprised.

Not a fan of getting my aoe healing reduced, but with the change allowing PoH to go to any group I see this getting abused. Inspiration change basically keeps the buff from getting ridiculous with all the crazy high armor tanks now. No biggie really, again reduces healing power a little but I don't think this will hurt as much as it seems.

The new shammy bars sound cool. It's about time they took away losing all that bag/toolbar space

I think Blizz is trying to kill Questhelper. It's probably for the best, but I hate to see one of the best addon developers get kicked in the crotch. That must hurt.

Higher potion stacks. Less trips to the bank, woot!

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