Friday, December 12, 2008

Yet another Spec post...

Reading is dangerous. I've been soaking up the priest blogs like a sponge for the last few days. Based on the way our guild has gone in the past, I'm going to be doing a lot more heroics than raids. At least I hope so. The idea of trying to run Naxx with only 2 healers makes me queasy.

This means AoE healing is not nearly as important as it is in a raid environment. Circle of Healing is basically wasted on a 5 man group. Plus, it's going to be nerfed via a 6 second cooldown in the next patch anyway. Based on my leveling experience and the stuff I've been reading about deep Discipline healing, it seems like it can be a very strong healing spec, especially for tank healing, which is essentially all a 5 man heroic is.

Spirit and Grace

Basically, I miss out on Borrowed Time and Penance, but I still get the neat damage mitigation of Grace and haste from Enlightment. It has the spirit boosts of Spiritual Guidance and Spirit of Redemption, and gets a good chunk of overall increased healing power from Spiritual Healing.

If I go as far down into holy to get Empowered Healing, I miss out on the really powerful single target abilities, basically turning it into a 3.0 Improved Divine Spirit build, which is pretty pointless IMO.

The main adjustments I can see making to this and still keeping it as a hybrid build would be to swap the three points in Spiritual Healing with three points in Divine Aegis. I decided not to start out that way though because even though Divine Aegis is cool, it relies on crit. Part of the point my hybrid build is NOT to stack intellect like a pally, but to preserve the Spirit focus of a traditional healing priest build.

I could also take the points out of Grace and use them for additional Spiritual Healing, but I really want to see how it holds up as a healing talent. Overall I think it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. 2 points in grace gets up to 6% extra healing done and 3% damage mitigation, depending on how hard you're healing the target. Spiritual Healing gets a straight 4% extra healing every cast.

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