Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There's two sides of being a priest that are challenging in WoW. The first is healing, which is the act of keeping yourself and your group alive to kill monsters or other players. The other is being a Healer, which is not getting a moment's peace because your group wants to stay alive to kill monsters or other players.

I made the mistake of logging on "just to check my auctions" when I should have been going to bed last night. I didn't even get halfway through posting the guild auctions on Rosy before I got a whisper from Tran asking if I could come heal Heroic Violet Hold. See my previous post about not healing any more heroics until I have better gear. But, as I've said before I'm a total pushover, so I rationalized that it was a timed instance so it wouldn't be so bad to do that and then go to bed, right? If we wiped I'd just say bye bye and take off. Ha.

So our usual team of Zon, Px, Tran and me went. Bob filled in the other dps spot with his DK. I was all kinds of wound up last night, so my teamspeak conversation went something like this:

Me: Bob, you're pulling too much aggro
Bob: Heal me Heal me

Me: Zon, you're out of Line of Sight
Zon: Heal me Heal me (implied, Zon is pretty good about not asking for heals)

Me: Px, get out of the fire
Px: Heal me Heal me

Me: (shields Tran)
Tran: Don't heal me!

What I really wanted to say, and probably did a few times, was "I'm on it!" What do you DPS types think I'm doing over here? Picking my nose? Reading a book? Having a thoughtful conversation with my cat? Come on now.

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