Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm locked out... again.

I got through that final push to 80 at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon in the middle of The Old Kingdom. When I popped into group with Mal we had a full group ready to go for some instances, so we ended up doing three. I wasn't sure when the last time he'd done PvE was so we started out easy with the Nexus, and I ended up picking up Tome of the Lore Keepers, so I got more than just XP. We tore through that in about 45 minutes.

Then, after I came back from lunch, we did Violet Hold. That was a TON of fun. It's kind of like Black Morass, but with less running around. We wiped on the second boss the first time we tried it, and apparently you have to start all over when you wipe. The second try we ALMOST wiped on the second boss again (we got the consortium dude both times). I was the last one standing, and all of a sudden I hear Bob on TS yelling something along the lines of "Hit him! Hit him! He's almost dead HIT HIM!" So I target the boss (the focus was on me) and he's got less than 1k health left. I had enough mana to hit my SW:D and BAM! He died. I managed to rez another rezzer, and we got enough health up to carry on with the next set of trash. In the process, Mal decided it would be faster to run back and managed to get himself locked out, so we ended up 4 manning the last boss.

Finally, we ran both sub-80 instances in Azjol-Nerub. I was telling everyone to be careful not to get stuck on the ramp on the last boss when... the tank went running in and engaged the boss. While I was still on the ramp. Guess what happened? LOL. They got him down anyway, so it was alright. Apparently it was the night of the 4 man boss fight. Old Kingdom was uneventful, except that I dinged. So overall, it was a good PvE day.

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