Monday, December 22, 2008


Zully's mana regen is looking pretty good, but my personal mana is running low. I healed until my brain fizzled out. I'm sure I spent at least 8 hours, probably close to 10 healing this weekend. Naxx alone was 4+ hours long.

Hesp was laughing at me and saying that's like a second job. She is so right. Too bad I don't get paid for it, heh. I'll do a separate post on Naxx in a little bit.

In other news, Danny is going to do 2s with me once she hits 80, we'll probably start after the holidays. Tess is up to 80 now, I'll be dragging him to every heroic possible. I made back about 600g doing Icecrown quests, and spent about 350 of that buying 2 more Moonshroud and a whole mess of Frostweave. I made my Aurora Boots before the raid and got them chanted up with Spirit. My spirit is a little off ratio with my intellect, but it should be OK once I get a socket put into my new belt. It's good to have a pocket warrior or two.

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