Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moonshroud... I think they make it from pure gold

So now that I'm 80 and my questing is mostly done, I'm looking ahead to my heroic and crafted gear. Heroic stuff is just the luck of the drop, and also depends on me getting more that 5 minutes online at a time. The crafted gear I should theoretically be able to make at my own pace... right?

Well I found out recently that not only do I have to be 425 tailoring to get my Moonshroud specialty, I'm about 15 points short of that, but the cooldown for the cloth is... FOUR DAYS. Are you kidding me? The Moonshroud Robe alone takes eight pieces of cloth, the Moonshroud Gloves are 4 pieces, and the Aurora Slippers take one piece. So if I were to try and make all three items myself, assuming I remember to make the two pieces of cloth exactly every four days, it would take me 26 DAYS to make the set. Um, how does NO strike you Blizzard?

So my basic goal is to spend all my money buying moonshroud on the auction house. It really sucks too, because I need to buy stuff for enchanting too, but it's only a matter of time before the moonshroud cloth is priced even higher than it is now. I think I've planned ahead a little more than some. I fully expect to see it at 500g+ at some point in the future, but so far I've gotten 2 pieces for around 400g. i have a bid in on another piece for 325g, I'll probably lose it, but whatever.

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