Monday, December 15, 2008

Nerd Rage

I got mad this weekend. REAL mad. Break my headphones spiking them on the floor mad (this will be remedied at Best Buy after work today). I think it's been so long since I had a new max level character as my main I forgot that Heroics are hard. Let me repeat that. Heroics are hard. Difficult. Frustrating. I think I need to find something soft to put on my desk to chuck so I don't break stuff I need again.

I tried to do 3 heroics this weekend. Zul'Drak we didn't even get the first boss. Violet Hold, we tried it 3 times. Wiped on the second boss twice and the last boss the third time. Got through all the bosses except the last one in the Nexus.

Thinking back on it, maybe I shouldn't have been so mad. We did pretty well considering. But I wasn't really as upset about not being able to finish as I was that I wasn't able to heal as well as I thought I should be. I wasn't sure if it was spec, I am using that Grace and Spirit build I talked about last post. Oh yeah, next time I feel like respeccing, Grace is gonna go. It's annoying. Basically, it's just a weird HoT that needs to be refreshed every 4 seconds, which kills the 5 second rule. I guess I didn't realize how second nature the 5 second rule has become to me until I started worrying about the timing of my heals. I think I'd rather have the extra 4% to all heals from 2 more points in Spiritual Healing. It fits my style better. The rest of it seems pretty good, my normal GH hits for around 6500 and my crits are hitting for 10k+. Tanks are running around 22k right now, so that seems decent. Maybe a little on the low side, but pretty good for a hybrid. I do miss reflective shield for questing though.

Anyway, it was after the failed heroic on Sunday night that I declared (over TeamSpeak) that I would not be doing any more heroics till I had better gear, and proceeded to break my headset. The next morning when Zon came on we did an 80 level heroic, Halls of Lightning. He didn't get the sword he wanted, but I picked up Volkhan's Hood and Raiments of the Titans, both of which were pretty significant upgrades. I put a +12 int gem and a +8 mp5 chant on the robe.

I'm up to 6 pieces of Moonshroud. I'm a little surprised that I've been able to get so much. So far I've paid between 200-350 per piece, which for 4 days worth of play time seems reasonable. I'm resisting the urge to buy up the cloth regardless of price. There's one guy that seems to be trying to set a high price, but I'm hoping if I hold out and only buy it when it's below 350 bid or buyout things won't get ridiculous. Only 2 points of tailoring till I can start making it myself! Looks like I'll have all the Moonshroud I need by the time I reach the tailoring level needed to make all this stuff.

My enchanting is up to 431, which means I got to buy some of the really cool recipes from the Dalaran, namely the top level Attack Power enchants. I've got all the warriors and hunters drooling over the Massacre enchant, but it requires 6 Abyss Crystals. So they're just going to have to wait. Or find some magic source of level 80 epics. I also made my Runed Titanium Rod. Don't need it yet, but I want to be prepared.

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