Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Might Want to Sit Down...

During all 99 days of Zully's playtime there's been one thing I've been adamantly against.  Shadow Spec.
It always seemed cheap to me.  "If I want to be a mage I'll roll a mage" I've said.  And I've tried, several times.  I just can't seem to get past those first 15 levels or so without getting frustrated and hitting the delete button.  I tried an ele shammy.  She's stuck in Thousand Needles.  I haven't tried a boomkin yet, but to be honest I'm just not a fan of the druid spells.

Also, for a long time it seemed there were shadow priests everywhere.  Something changed.  It seems like EVERYONE's melee now.  I got a ele shammy in my PUG last night and I was thrilled beyond words for those totems and ranged casts.  It gets to be really annoying when everyone in the party except me is taking AOE damage because they have to be in melee range.

Since Blizz added in replenishment as a must have for casters, shadow spec has started to become more appealing to me.  It feels more like an aggressive support role then a PEWPEWPEW.  It fits the priest style a lot more than it used.  I stuck a toe in the water with my last PVP Disc spec putting points into shadow instead of holy after 53.  I kind of liked it.  The first one's free...

So I'm thinking of swapping my second spec over to shadow.  Please don't die of shock, I really appreciate my handful of readers ^.^  I'm gonna have to put some research into it, since I'm sure like all other trees there are PvP and PvE specs for shadow.  I haven't been doing much PvP since I lost Krom as a BG buddy, so I'd probably start gearing PvE.  I even got a nice set of boots and a necklace from the last ToC run to start me off.  I got a bunch of Valor and Triumph badges available for spending too.  Get ready for a shadow spec gear check coming soon (maybe even this afternoon if I get bored).

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  1. You're not alone. I've been a priest since MC was bleeding edge content, and I think I've been Shadow for about 15 minutes total.

    I'm the same way with casters. I have a mage sitting at 71, and a warlock in her 30s, but I dislike casters. I would rather hit something in the face with a really heavy weapon...I like to do that in the game too.


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