Monday, September 28, 2009

New raid!

I was in the most epic 25 man raid on Saturday. I was a little worried because it was a PUG and the raid leader and his two guildies didn't seem very organized. I had trouble getting a summon so I met the group at the stone. Once I got there I realized this other guild of 15 was there. They were really pro. The guild master and two of his buddies were just tearing up the dps charts. The first wing was really hard, but there were no wipes. When we got to the second wing two of the other PUGs aggroed a group of wasps and left group, and a few of the ones from the larger guild went AFK, so we weren't able to quite clear out the second wing. Everyone did a great job! That big guild is recruiting, I may just go app with them.

Yep, creek cleanup day went really well. Those 10 foot tall weeds didn't stand a chance against the mighty power of the city volunteer day team!

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