Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Step is this Again?

So I think I've finally kicked a lot of my unhealthy WoW habits. Yay for me! Now I just have to not backslide when I have a few more nights a week open.

1. I have started going to the gym again just like I did when I was on my last WoW break. Like not saying 'I'm going to go' going, actually moving my arms and legs going.

2. I tend to get excited when I have extra WoW time, like this week. However, last night I opted to have a sushi/beer/movie on the couch night instead.

2. I have been a lot more timely and consistent with my chores/errands, which means even if I don't leave the house all day I am out of my chair doing something else for at least an hour or two.

3. I pretty much go to bed by midnight on Saturday nights. Fridays tend to be closer to 0100, but a lot of the time I'm logged off at midnight and end up goofing off on the internet because I'm too tired to get out of my chair

4. I've been going back to sleep on weekends if I'm still tired rather than just getting up and playing WoW instead.

Things I still need to kick:

- Getting up 20 minutes early to do auctions/check mail/squeeze in the cooking daily, and then end up speeding like crazy and running to the train

- More Bio breaks. I still do the pee pee dance in my chair quite a bit.

- More showers. I know, it's gross, but I generally shower every other day, but sometimes on the weekend... I should just do it first thing in the morning on Saturdays.

- I have to stop putting off phone calls because I want to play WoW instead. I also need to stop talking on the phone and playing WoW at the same time, especially when I'm talking to my mom.

- I need to watch the fish/snuggle with the cat more. My poor cat has to practically sit on my face to get my attention sometimes.

- Umm I probably shouldn't be WoW blogging or surfing at work...

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